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The Underground City became a very popular local curiosity after its rediscovery, especially during the First World War. Many Allied soldiers visited the site when they were back from the front lines and many wrote their names on the tunnel walls.

These were discovered in 2014 by the research of archaeologist Gilles Prilaux.  No less than 3,200 graffiti have been catalogued, making this the largest known concentration of Great War graffiti.

Archaeological research has identified these graffiti and associated names, their faces and sometimes even their descendants.

The Museum offers visitors an unusual experience through the stories of soldiers who came in their thousands to visit the underground tunnels. Their stories are as fascinating as they are moving and offer a unique testimony to the Great War. An opportunity to discover the faces that are hidden behind these fragile traces written in pencil on a limestone rock over a century ago.

guided tour

Dedicated to the Great War graffiti.
Only available by reservation +33 (0)3 22 93 71 78.
Minimum group of 10 people required.


If you are researching a soldier and want to know if he wrote his name on the walls of the Underground City, go to:


The Underground City became a member of the Somme Battlefield's Partner network in 2015.